Happy Easter

Happy Easter:
I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter. Though it may not feel like it, it is Easter Day. The day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. For Jesus followers this day is a constant reminder that we need not be afraid. Jesus is Risen, he is the light of the World and has promised that, as he has conquered the world, he remains with us.
Our world has paused at the moment, in a way it gives us an insight into what the Easter is about. the whole of creation paused at the Resurrection of Jesus. For that moment has changed everything. All time is directed to or from that moment. Even i n the midst of our darkness and uncertainty, we know and we believe that all will be well for Christ has conquered.
I invite you that In your homes today think of yourselves as the early Christians families, praying together as family, sing alleluia and uplifting songs, create ALLELUIA and place it on your windows and doors. Say to all, We are Christian People. We have Hope. We Believe that Jesus died and rose again. Be a witness to Jesus even in our distance. Place on your Facebook and other social media, messages of Jesus, pictures of the Resurrection. Make your Facebook page and social media a tool today for sharing the joy of the Risen Lord.
I am remembering you in prayer and thanking God for your witness to the faith.
May the Risen Lord fill you with joy this day.
Fr. Patrick