Parish Mission 9th to 16th November 2019

Saturday 9th   Christ the Foundation of the Church

6.00 pm Mass 


Sunday 10th              

             8.30 am   Mass          

10.30 am  Mass

            12.30pm   Mass          


Monday 11th Christ the Joy of life

            7 am Mass                    

            10 am Mass

            7.30pm Mission  Celebration       Songs of Praise 


Tuesday 12th Christ in our Community

 7 am Mass                             

            10 am Mass                

            7.30 pm Mission Celebration Enriching our Community      

            In Community Centre – recognising the Gift of the Community


Wednesday 13th  Christ the Healer

            7 am Mass                              

            10 am Mass                

            7.30pm Mission Celebration     Healing in Christ


Thursday 14th    Christ the Mercy of God

            7 am Mass                              

            10 am Mass                

            7.30 pm Mission Celebration     Reconciled in Christ:

a number of priests will be available for Confessions


Friday 15th  Christ the Corner Stone of Faith

            7 am Mass                  

            12noon Mass and Anointing of the Sick       

            7.30pm Mission Celebration     Handing of the Faith           


Saturday 15th  .          

10 am Mass    

            6.00pm Mass Bishop Crean and Induction of Fr. Winkle as PP

7pm Parish Function – Community Centre